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Corporate Culture

Started from 1999, collection research and development, design, production, sale, installation and after-sales service as one of the ultrasonic  business.
Jiapu,  the  long-term supplier of ultrasonic products to over 1000 large enterprises
With a whole set of imported production equipment, master core ultrasonic technology
20 years industry experience, 16 production processes,  high quality 20 years, quality control management 18 Why choose us?
Sincerity:Always put consumers' profit in the first place, keep sincerity, ingenuity, responsibility。
Honesty:Genuinely and sincerely treat every customer, every product.
Quality: Control the quality of the raw materials and ensure  our products are of good quality strictly
Jiapu ptoduct series
12 group product, including the whole set ultrasonic equipment
Jiapu, 20 years old, a high-tech enterprise, which sets research and development, design,production and customization.
Why does Jiapu dare to make the promises to you?
Control quality strictly,checks each level
original spirit, manufacture with heart
integrity-based, customer first

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