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Cold Knife Fabric Slitting Machine

Cold Knife Fabric Slitting Machine

 This machine is used for slitting non-woven fabric, Fabric, Paper,Plastic film and some filmy roll material. Easy operation, energy efficient, saves space for setting. It is a good and ideal machine for slitting non woven fabric.

 Unwinding length: 1600mm
 Max.diameter of unwinding: 800mm
 Max.diameter of rewinding:800mm
 Slitting size: minimum 30mm
 Speed: 20—80m/minute
 Total power: 2.2kw
 Weight: 1000kg
 Overall dimension (l*w*h):2500mm*1800*1200mm

 Slitting machine (slitter one big roll into small roll)
 Unwinding materials: unwinding material fixed by air cylinder
 Unwinding material: left and right could be adjusted.
 Rewinding tension adopt 5kg magnetic powder brake, rewinding up and down
 Cutter: 30 pieces
 Edge correction motor: meifeng
 Converter motor: kewo
 Electrical: chint
 Pneumatic: SNS
 Magnetic powder: shengda

Spare parts: 
 socket wrench
 monkey wrench
 oil gun
 panel switch 
 knife: 30

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